Practice Dr. med. Margrit Simon 31 Jahre Erfahrung

Dear patients,

Wel­co­me, you are with the spe­cia­lists for the lar­gest human organ, the skin!

We not only take care of your skin in the event of ill­ness, but also increase your well-being and com­pen­sa­te for indi­vi­du­al small blemishes.

Our ran­ge of ser­vices includes the neces­sa­ry dia­gno­stics as well as clas­sic and modern the­ra­py methods for skin and vene­re­al dise­a­ses. In the event of ill­ness, the medi­cal­ly neces­sa­ry ser­vices are lar­ge­ly cover­ed by your sta­tu­to­ry health insu­rance. Indi­vi­du­al health ser­vices (so-cal­led IgeL *) are recom­men­ded and medi­cal­ly meaningful ser­vices that we bill accor­ding to the doc­tors’ fee sche­du­le (GOÄ). A reim­bur­se­ment by the sta­tu­to­ry health insu­rance is not legal­ly pos­si­ble in the­se cases.

We are a dermatologist’s prac­ti­ce with an unu­su­al ran­ge of ser­vices. You can be sure that my employees and I have been spe­ci­al­ly trai­ned and attend advan­ced trai­ning cour­ses on a regu­lar basis.

It is our con­cern to find the right one for your wis­hes and needs from the varie­ty of aes­the­tic-cos­me­tic offers and to deter­mi­ne the appro­pria­te medi­cal mea­su­res tog­e­ther with you.

We want you to feel com­for­ta­ble with us. Ask us, we will advi­se you!

Margrit Simon

* Self-pay­er service

Practice and office hours

Kai­ser­kor­so 154
12101 Ber­lin (Tem­pel­hof)

Mon, Wed, Fri 9 am–2pm, Tues­days, Thurs­days 2–7pm
only by appoint­ment
We advi­se you in Ger­man, Eng­lish, French, Ita­li­an and Spanish

New: Make an appoint­ment online > here <

Range of services

Der­ma­to­lo­gy and Vene­reo­lo­gy | Phlebology

Out­pa­ti­ent vari­ce­al sur­gery | Der­ma­to­sur­gery
Aes­the­tic der­ma­to­lo­gy | UV the­ra­py
Der­ma­to­lo­gi­cal laser the­ra­py
Medi­cal-der­ma­to­lo­gi­cal cos­me­to­lo­gy

Con­duc­ting cli­ni­cal studies

Clas­si­cal dermatology


  • Dia­gno­sis and tre­at­ment of neu­ro­der­ma­ti­tis and psoriasis
  • Throm­bo­sis dia­gno­sis and therapy
  • Vein sur­gery
  • Der­ma­to­sur­gery
  • Der­ma­to­lo­gi­cal laser therapy
  • Medi­cal-der­ma­to­lo­gi­cal cosmetology

Veins and veins

Exami­na­ti­on of vari­co­se veins by

  • Digi­tal Pho­to-Ple­thys­mo­gra­phy (D‑PPG)
  • Dopp­ler sonography
  • Color duplex sonography

Tre­at­ment of vari­co­se veins

  • Vein strip­ping
  • mini­mal­ly inva­si­ve sur­gi­cal rem­oval of side branches
  • Deso­la­ti­on of spi­der veins *
  • Throm­bo­sis dia­gno­sis using color duplex sonography
  • Throm­bo­sis treatment
  • Tra­vel throm­bo­sis advice *


  • Tests car­ri­ed out
    ECT: Patch test to detect cont­act all­er­gies
    Prick screen: dia­gno­sis of pol­len, mite,
    Ani­mal hair and food all­er­gies
    Scratch test: drug all­er­gies
    RAST: Labo­ra­to­ry exami­na­ti­on to con­firm an all­er­go­lo­gi­cal finding
  • Occu­pa­tio­nal apti­tu­de test, pre­cau­tio­na­ry aller­gy testing *

Skin check

  • Pre­ven­ti­ve screening
  • Inci­dent light micro­sco­py, digi­tal mole screening *
  • Rem­oval of mali­gnant skin lesions
  • Skin can­cer follow-up
  • Alter­na­ti­ve tre­at­ments for all skin cancers *

Aes­the­tic dermatology *

Wrink­le treatment

  • Botu­li­num toxin for fore­head lines, frown lines and crow’s feet
  • Pee­ling tre­at­ment with fruit acids
  • Che­mi­cal pee­ling with gly­co­lic, sali­cy­lic and tri­chlo­roace­tic acid
  • Wrink­le injection
  • Lip build-up

Rem­oval of benign skin lesions

  • sur­gi­cal­ly
  • Lasers (hair, vas­cu­lar and pig­ment lasers)
  • Cau­tery

Hyper­hi­dro­sis tre­at­ment (exces­si­ve sweating) *

Per­ma­nent hair removal*

  • Laser

Hair struc­tu­re analysis *

  • Tricho­gram

* Self-pay­er service


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